4 in 1 SD Card Reader For All Devices

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Satisfy all of your needs at once with your new card reader!

Take advantage of an innovative new card rider that will fit all of your devices! Deal with all of them easily with your new multifunctional gadget with four interfaces! You get a  lightning adapter for iOS devices, a USB C adapter for Type C devices, a micro USB adapter for Android devices, and a USB adapter for Computers/iMacs, all in one!

If you’re an Android and Type C user, you don’t need to install the application to operate the card. While if you’re an iOS user, you need to download the free app called "i-FlashDevice" from the App Store, in order to control the card reader.

Manage your data directly on the app. Some of the functions are already fully built-in this app, such as music and video play, transfer photos, backup contact lists, and others. Operate the functions directly from the external memory, without occupying space on iDevice.

Operate all of your devices with a multifunctional gadget! Get yours today!

Four interfaces: Deal with all of your devices with an innovative card reader with four interfaces! Manage your data easily and now faster than ever!

Expand phone memory: Enjoy unlimited mobile phone viewing, internet surfing, watch series, or movies, and don’t think about the memory loss ever again! 

Shoot and save photos: Shoot and save the photos or videos with no problem, whether they are high-quality or not!

Access security: Have maximum protection on the  "i- FlashDevice" app with a password or fingerprint unlock! Secure your whole storage or selected files and ensure your individual privacy!


Input Voltage: 5V

Output Voltage: 5V

Package includes: 1 x 4 in 1 SD Card Reader