Anti-Chafing Double-Layer Skort

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No more irritating rubbing & sweaty inner thighs!

Anti-Chafing Double-Layer Skort reduces undesired chub rubs during hot weather with the unique combination of the sleek look of a skirt and anti-rolling built-in shorts.

Wearing skirts no longer results in painful friction & rash, thanks to the built-in layer of our skort for extra protection & comfort.

The double-layer design hides panty lines while controlling unsightly bulges and tummy.


  • Eliminates pain and irritation from chub rub

  • Prevents friction and moisture from causing redness between thighs
  • Securely store phone / keys / cards with hidden pockets
  • Hides panty lines with the sleek look of a skirt
  • Provides tummy control & thigh tightening effect

  • Soothes bulges and unsightly lumps
  • Contours & sculpts your thighs & buttocks
  • Breathable & moisture wicking fabric


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