Pregnancy 3-in-1 Support belt

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The Pregnancy 3-in-1 Support belt is excellent & ideal for relieving your lower back pain caused by pregnancy & is perfect for SPD. The Pregnancy 3-in-1 Support belt gives you instant support when wearing it, you feel a huge weight of pressure lifted off your lower back and your abdominal area.

  • Designed for those suffering from lower back pain due to pregnancy.
  • Supports the lower back by holding your abdominal upright, this relieves the pressure caused by the weight of your bump.
  • Wraps around your belly and waist, lessening the burden of pregnancy weight.
  • Helps you get relief from hip, pelvic, SPD and sacroiliac pain, while further minimizing spinal strain.

Breathable and flexible fabric that comfortably wraps around your lower back, diffusing the pressure
instantly. Gives you extra support when going on about your day.
We've used the most comfortable and reliable medical-grade fabrics when designing this pad. The pad is placed just above your pubic area lifting up your bump, dramatically reducing pelvic pressure & helps wit SPD. This makes you feel 1Ox lighter and more agile.

Pregnancy 3-in-1 Support belt holds your bump in place, this is ideal for when you are further down in your pregnancy as it will give you that extra support on your bump & give your baby the sensation of you holding your abdominal area, making your baby feel at ease and relaxed.

The Belly Booster is actually made up of 3 straps combined at different stages of pregnancy to create the ultimate support band! Includes the following:
1 x Pregnancy Abdomen Support band
1 x Waist Front Strap
1 x Back Strap

Features: Easier walking,  Easier standing, Easier bending, Abdominal-support, Pelvic support, Easier pregnancy, Latex Free

Suitable for the following Abdominal circumferences: 

  • The 3 support bands will improve your posture while pregnant and dramatically reduce lower back pain
  • This will also help your baby grow healthy & strong while it maintains the correct position in your womb